To begin….

I wondered if counting begins with one or zero and I checked around in books and found out that numbers technically start from zero therefore from nothing. Everything starts from nothing then one, two, three…and so forth.

But then I told my self, “This is a blog. I can start from wherever the hell I want.”

I’d been told very recently by someone that I failed at something because of my arrogance and because I thought I knew everything. (I don’t actually know everything or think I do. He was being an ass) but it got me thinking, “Wouldn’t whatever he called arrogance be the right mind set?” Because I remember being told as kids to be confident in our abilities. The world has been preaching and practicing this concept called “The secret” or “The law of attraction” and according to this secret, we should go at something as if we already know it and the universe will provide. So how was what I was doing any different?

The answer to why I might have failed lies in the most basic knowledge of numerals about how counting starts from zero. I probably shouldn’t have started counting from 100 to reach 100. In the same way, while arrogance feels good and kinda sexy and counting from 99 to reach 100 seems faster, the best way to go about it would be to just build up to it; count one, two, three…and so forth.


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