Our history is killing us

It somehow seems like I’m just posting too much today, over sharing and all but I couldn’t pass the day without saying something (like the freaking big mouth i am) about The victory of Adwa. It’s a tremendous thing to celebrate, the first black victory, Pride of Ethiopia, spark for panafricanism…. It is truly a great thing to celebrate and be proud of. Yet it is killing us.

“የኋላው ከሌለ አይኖርም የፊቱ” is a favorite thing of mine to say to my fellow dimwits who don’t understand the importance of history. However, we Habesha people have this big problem with pride and talking about how great we were during the reign of Axum, the great Queen Sheba, and of course the Battle of Adwa. We fail to see how these are not our victories but the victories of our fathers who bled and died for it. If this history were to repeat itself, how confident are we that we can bleed and die like they did and keep this pride? 


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  1. “ጀግንነት በዘር አይተላለፍም” በዕውቀቱ ስዩም


    1. qal181 says:

      Thank you!!!!!


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