Rules? For Food?

Have you ever wondered how people came up with how all those spices together would make a certain food taste better or how they they even came up with the idea to salt their food? Food has surpassed being simply something we need to survive and it has become art, a form of expression. 

I was talking about cheese with a friend the other day and he mentioned how cheese should be eaten grilled and I thought about how I prefer the way cheese feels cold and salty on my tongue. After I had parted with my friend, I thought if somehow I’ve been violating a certain rule about how one should eat cheese. Was there a certain rule? 
Then I got thinking at a broader scale about how there could be a rule for the way one should eat food. Who comes up with these rules? 
I remembered a separate occasion where I witnessed a foreigner eat injera and wat separately, slurping the wat like soup. I remembered laughing at this man with everyone else. But was this man eating food wrong? Is there even such a thing? Should there be such a thing as rules for food? Sure maybe grilling cheese maybe more comfortable for some and perhaps eating injera with wat may taste a little better but aside from pointing this out, who are we to give rules to anyone on how they way their food? 
And just because I can, I’m gonna mention some unconventionalities to you here and maybe gross you out a little. 

-I ones had a friend who liked to eat her injera dipped in tea. (And of course the tea had sugar.)

-And of course roasted Bugs are a common affair in Asia. 

-As I’m sure you’ve all seen and heard on Movies, pigs feet is also a dish many abroad enjoy. This and several other foods that African Americans have come to know as soul food comes from a time of slavery when the masters only left the slaves with the parts of the slaughter to be thrown away. And yet, the slaves had to eat so they came to fix these parts into edible dishes.

So as I was saying, food shouldn’t have rules. It should be something we use to stay alive.


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  1. Maybe food has no rules but culture does. Eating injera with wot is a part of our cultural etiquette so in Ethiopia, it IS a rule. Of course these rules only apply to the culture they belong to.


    1. qal181 says:

      So I guess you’ll sue me if I decide to eat it different?


      1. Cultural laws aren’t binding (and personally, I don’t really mind. But mark my words, you’ll be… frowned-upon.


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