What do they want from us?

I’ve finally let myself accept that we live in a nonstop sexually charged society. Miley Cyrus was onto something when she declared herself a pansexual. I’m not saying she’s not gross but she recognizes the true nature of humanity. These days literally anything can be sexualized. Discretion and artfully representing sex is out and it’s now put in vague and cringeworthy terms right up your face.

I wonder if somehow women are to blame. I’ve been taught to realize that men are triggered by the simplest things and so what women do today in the name of individuality and self expression must be torture to anyone who’s not a stone; the short dresses and the indiscreet word usage, the music and the fact that you know sex is available at a click of a button. I titled my entry “what do they want from us” because I’ve come to think no matter what we do, we can’t win this game.

Growing up, we’re told that we should rise above our earthly cravings and emotions; it’s implied that sex and love and all that crap will somehow one day just magically manifest and you’ll know that it’s okay but until then it’s not.

So where do rude drunken perverts who tactlessly and disrespectfully throw sex in your face in the middle of the street fit in? Don’t you ever wonder what could possibly be going through this person’s head? Is this person looking for love? Or a quick fix? And why the need to be an ass about it?

Are we all just animals who can’t go above eating, fucking and sleeping? Is everything else just a lie?

You cover up and you’re a prude and you’ll probably die alone. You do the opposite and you’re the person mentioned above. The person, who mothers have often told their kids is either possessed by a demon or is a victim of some clinical disorder but, is actually just a Sexual Human Being of today.  


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  1. Bhanu says:

    Ha ha , I have been somewhere around this chain of thoughts but never been crude. Cool, you say something considerable. Good work.

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  2. Fresenbet G.Y Adhanom says:

    Ah. Thank you! It’s been a topic I have been wanting to explore for quite some time. I couldn’t have said it any better. It is quite embaressing witnessing the sexualization of women in everything from media to everything else. I apologize for the role the male population played engedih. 🙂

    Miley might actually be possessed though. (How else does one explain the Hanna Montana- Miley morph?)


    1. “How esle does one explain the Hanna Montana-Miley morph?” A young and vulnerable girl seeking acceptance and love in a cruel and judgmental worls


  3. “Are we all just animals who can’t go above eating, fucking and sleeping? Is everything else just a lie?”
    Yes. Basically.


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