A thought on Fashion

All philosophical sophistication aside, we humans are just what we are. Human. Yet, sight is a very manipulate-able thing and what we see has the ultimate power in shaping how we think. 

I heard somewhere that fashion is what defines human beings as civilized beings. Our ability to cut rags into pretty dresses and shirts makes us to be called cultured and sophisticated. Yet, fashion is used to present human beings as other worldly beings. I see a tall thin model on a runway wearing some flashy feathers and way too much color or dynamically shaped tatters and so much artistry and for a few minutes, I don’t see a mere human being but possibilities. Fairies, goddesses, warlocks, felines, and so many creatures. That is what fashion really is. It is deceiving the eyes to present the mind with possibilities. That model takes off her artistry and her colors and she becomes just human again. 

Off the runway and away from the cameras, people who put thought into their clothes and appearances are considered shallow and self absorbed. But these people have an understanding that the world runs under decievable sight and illusions. 

Everyday we are on our own runways, strutting through life. Everyday we can make possibilities happen in people’s minds. 


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