Tu quoque

I was never great in my logic class. Mainly because I spent half of it arguing with the teacher and then later disregarding the ideas because they were BS but there was one fallacy I never forget and it’s not just because it sounds funny; Tu quoque meaning “you also”. It attempts to invalidate one’s argument because one has failed to act accordingly.  I.e. the idea,  “You can not advise to me to do a certain thing because you yourself do not live by it.” 

And I’m glad this particular word sounds funny that I remember it so well because it’s what has centered my entire attempt to identify as a writer and i’m very sure that I’m not the only one. A writer would write something controversial and he/she would be attacked by those who know him/her well with the sarcastic idea, “ለማያውቅህ ንገረው!” And these people would raise all those times you yourself failed to be the thing you write about. 

I now understand why so many writers use pseudonyms and I’m wondering if it’s too late to consider one. 


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