Womanhood of the boudoir and the lush flowing dresses

Womanhood of the paint of colors for my face 

And just the red poison for my heart.

I do it for you.

I draw these lines in my eyes with charcoal, 

I brush glitter across my cheeks, 

and I run the soft Scarlett across my mouth, 

All for you. 

You say you like the natural? 

With out the paint and art? 

You can’t handle the natural.

These dark spots and pimples will be too much for you, my dear. 

These imperfections of dry skin patches and thin hair in all the wrong places will set you off. 

So I paint and pluck my face 

And I trim and curl my hair

And I come out clad in feathers and silk so you think I’m beautiful 

And I twirl and giggle

And you feel so powerful because I do it for you. 

I do it more for me too. 


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