Nostalgic for Letters 

We live in the glorious age of social media where you can have conversations with someone on Mars and know immediately when they read it. And we get to be pissed off when it says seen and they don’t write back even though it only requires the clicks of a few buttons. 

This morning, I found myself nostalgic for letters.

I think there’s a whole thing that comes with letters. All one has to do is not just tap away at a few buttons on a gadget they keep in their pocket but write out pages in pen and paper, find a stamp, go outside and mail it. It requires some effort and I guess that should mean something. 

Also tangibility of letters, that moment before you tear open the envelope and read, and when you do read you have to conjure up the other person’s voice in your head….  

The agony of writers block when you can’t come up with the words to write a reply, the madness of the blank paper, then finally writing the letter and wondering if it would mean anything to the receiver. You mail it anyways and then there’s more agony in the waiting for your reply. I can only imagine it is sweet agony. 

Letter writing is a dead art now. We meet “penpals” on Facebook and then we talk for hours on the phone without much point to it. It’s all so easy.

 It would be nice to receive a letter once in a while. 


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