The cliffs 

Let’s go the places where we can hear the winds

the places where we’re the first to catch the rains on our tongues

the places where we lay on our backs and still the stars seem only out of reach.

Let’s go to the places where we feel like gods and goddesses, kings and queens 

looking down at all there is

to the places where the sun kisses the horizons 

to the places where dangling feet mean happiness or loneliness…or both.

Let’s go look down our sorrows and look up at happiness  

Let’s go be one with wind and rain and thunderstorms 

Our hands held up, howling like animals

No one can judge us there 

No one can see

No one cares 

Well, there’s really no one else.

Let’s go cry or smile and scream or laugh like lunatics 

And trust those bare piles of rocks that could tumble and roll and kill us.

Let’s go to the places where freedom rings

in echoes of our own mirrored voices. 


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