My God, Your God

Right before I came back to campus this September, my uncle called me and warned me strongly not to engage in any debate concerning religion, ethnicity or politics. Because all you can say to a man like him is “Yes sir.” I said, “Yes sir.”

I was delighted to find that I had been placed in quite the diverse little place. It’s always nice to meet people who are different from you in their ways and everyone appreciates it when you see everything with no judgment. But it’s also difficult to live in one room for a whole year and not have a conflict of ideas.

I abided by my uncle’s warning for the better part, until now. The most common topic to discuss before bed was religion. No one ever really said what they were thinking but they all asked each other questions to test what the other one was thinking. I listened to them talk and talk and talk and I got pissed off by what they said (and I’m proud of this part because it’s a very new trait for me)  without saying anything to them. But last night I was asked why I didn’t follow a certain religious ritual even though I wore a cross around my neck and an idea crossed my mind. They were all trying to prove that their God was better and God loved them better because their way of worshiping God was the correct one.

Is there really a correct way to worship God?

There are tens of thousands of religions out there each one believing that their way is correct and better. There are tens of thousands of ways to worship the creator and be grateful for creation. How does one claim that they are right and the rest nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine are wrong??

Do we really think that God belongs to a few?

Well, not that you’d care but let me tell you what I think. Better I say this here than say it to my dorm mates and have them poison my water or put nails in my bed.

I think God is God. And men divided men into tens of thousands of religions.


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