The Eagle

This is not my personal journal. I promise. I have a very thick, heavy book I carry around for such purposes. My personal journal is not for sharing as long as I am alive. But once I have died, you’ll find boxes of all the diaries I have kept since I was ten under my bed. They will appear to be true works of art. Not that they actually are but I would be dead and dead people are somehow much more awesome than living people.

This blog is where I share stuff. I do that in the hopes that someone might read it and get something from it. Here’s something I heard today. It’s about how an eagle lives.

Apparently, an eagle normally lives up-to 70 years of age. That is also the average life expectancy of a male human. Much like human beings this magnificent creature goes through certain hardships. During it’s middle ages, it grows old and weak. Its talons grow too long and fail to catch pray and its beak grows too long and bends making it difficult for it to bite anything. Then it’s feathers grow thick and heavy making it difficult for it to fly.

So the eagle flies to a nest it makes on top of a rocky mountain and there it stays for about 150 days of recreation in the most literal sense. First it beats its beak against the rocks to break it and then waits for it to grow back out. Then it gets to work trimming its talons and plucking its feathers. After the 150 days of remaking itself into its younger version, this eagle takes it’s flight of rebirth off it’s place of solitude.

I didn’t check the facts of this story. I like eagles. And I really need this story to be true because I suffer from several anxieties related to life wasted. I have already talked about not mattering. I also have a problem with midlife crisis even though I am only twenty. I’ve always thought I’d have accomplished something by now. The idea that I might have failed nearly killed me last year.

The eagle remakes itself and goes on to live at least 30 more years. I think we should be like the eagle. When our talons grow too long and our beaks bend, when we feel like we’re failing at life, we should just go somewhere to cut them away and grow them better and stronger so we can take that flight of rebirth.




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