I Have Never been to the Moon but I’ll Freaking Sing about it…

….and you can shove your criticism somewhere.

The inspiration to this post is the band Kaleo. They have a truly [insert the your chosen word equivalent for awe-freaking-some here] voice and if you don’t like it well, I guess good music is for the chosen few.

Well anyways, Kaleo write songs that go

Oh, I said I’m going to San Diego and San Jose
San Fransisco and hang by the bay
Sacramento, yeah all the way
I just might go all the way to Mexico
I just might go all the way down to Mexico


“….I’ve been down, deep Texas; Mississippi state
Hoping things might go my way
For every hard earned dollar I make
There stands a white man just to take it away….

But get this, they had never actually been to any of the places prior to their success. They are like on fire right now though. Front man JJ Julius Son said that it brought them to the places they sang about. I guess it didn’t really matter if they’d been there or not. They put it in a song and it was good.

Out here, there are more people who would criticize doers than actual doers. I think it’s stunting our ability to be creative and the fact that our primary audience is people around us, people who know us, makes everything a bit more complicated.

Somebody told me not to care about that. Actually this advice came from several places. People who consider themselves of the creative type are sensitive about what they create and they worry way too much about how it reflects on them as individuals. I know I do.

I know the fact that it worked for Kaleo sure as hell doesn’t mean it’s gonna work for me too but I’m going to give it a try. My next creative piece is going to be about Hogwarts.


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