A Girl-friend’s Biggest Fear

“She was one of my closest friends and I fell in love with her. It felt like I couldn’t live without her and the bitch didn’t understand, you know? She totally broke my heart. Qal? Are you listening to me?”

“Yes. Keep going.”

“Well, she told me we couldn’t really keep being friends anymore I mean I was so grateful that she was honest with me but it still hurt a lot. That’s when I decided I needed to find God again and I started really going to church…”

Honestly, I wasn’t worried about him. I was thinking about the girl. I think as his friend I’m supposed to take his side but at this point I couldn’t bring myself to do that.

“….Qal? Are you listening to me?”


When you get to know people in certain ways you box them into certain specifics; family, friends, crushes, people you might consider making out with….  Having them jump from one box to another is a life wrecking experience really. I mean how much would it suck that a person you might consider making out with turns out to be your cousin….

I sympathized with the girl more than I felt sorry for his broken heart. (It was not because she was a girl) There is nothing more difficult than someone, especially a friend you love and care about, asking you for something you can’t give them. I don’t know how it works but what precautions do we take before we realize we’ve gotten our best friends falling in love with us?
P.s. Brother about whom this is written, much love but I had to. Actually, it’s not like you read my blog but if you do, well….I warned you.


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