How Cool is Knowing Shit?

Chemistry used to be my worst subject. Never in a million years did I expect to join the chemical engineering department and I still don’t think I’ll be a much significant addition to the chemical engineering world. As I have been told, in all my high maintenance glory, I want to become of certain significance to whatever I do. I don’t just want to be a good burrito when it comes to my career. I want to be that one that fills up the hungry soul.

So today we went on a field trip to see how fertilizers are made. Our instructors are pretty cool. They tried their best to make us feel a part of the whole commotion.

Right before we went into the factory, I had a conversation with a friend where I said that most of us where here at MU to simply get that paper that lets us be called engineers and gets us the respect the world thinks we deserve. Not a lot of people actually care if we know much about the science. That’s why some of our teachers are full of shit. They don’t actually know or care why they teach us certain things. I’ll probably write more on this in the future because I have grudge on one of our teachers.

So we went into the factory and the guy who works there started explaining the process that went down to bring about fertilizers and he made no attempt to dumb it down for us. He used all the technical words and proper names for parts of the machines they used. And I understood him!

I know that many engineering students don’t feel fulfilled or like they are getting anything from their classes because although many of the courses have the term ‘Applied’ before them, they don’t feel like we apply them anywhere. But standing at that factory today and understanding chemical engineer lingo felt pretty good. I guess even though our education system is shit, we really do learn a certain amount. Maybe I’ll become a chemical engineer after all.

P.S. For anyone who thought my blogs were a little too personal, thank you for your opinion but reading this blog shouldn’t make you feel like you know me. I share a lot of my personal experiences but my life isn’t really that interesting either. I borrow experiences of other people I know too……..Also this is a personal blog. So if I want to get personal, I can.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. nathanqblog says:

    A nice,simple and real post.
    you’re just doing good tho it ain’t an ad/commercial or sth since you’re opening up yourself with this platform no need to doubt yourself about getting personal;
    Fyi i enjoy your posts that way KIU!


    1. qal181 says:

      Thank you. It means a lot. 🙂


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