I never tire of listening to people talk. We do love to talk. We like to feel justified so we talk and talk and talk…..

I read some quote somewhere about serving others. I can’t recite it word by word but it went something like living should be in service of others…that one should live exclusively through making other people happy or something. I disagreed. I thought people were shit and I sorta hate everyone….even now.

Then I heard John speak…..

John is a friend of my aunt’s. He’s a philosophy enthusiast. Well, he holds a PhD in philosophy. Talking to him is like opening up the universe and reading it like a book and actually understanding it. He was a speaker at a training we held here on campus last night. I had a migraine when the training was over. I am not exaggerating or speaking figuratively. I actually stumbled my way to my dorm one eye closed and holding back puke. It was either the lighting in the room that triggered it or it was John’s speech. It was definitely John’s speech.

I never did like Philosophy. I understood it as people with a rather questionable sanity trying to make sense of their insanity. I have read exactly eleven pages out of a book about Plotinus. I hate Plotinus now.

John came to speak about the value of helping others. But he touched on so many other things as well. I will try to mention somethings I remember. I don’t remember any of his references. I just remember the good stuff in fragments and I have written it here as I understand it. It may not be what he meant. I wasn’t taking notes. I had my mouth gaping listening to the man.

…we are all of one divine soul… that is one person doesn’t have a soul separate from another soul… the essence, the consciousness in all of us is one….. the divine, God, Allah, the universe, the force… I don’t know. Some philosopher that Freud opposed said that if we look with in us, we are going to find that one soul, the creator…..that is why when helping others, we are really helping ourselves….that is why when we help others, we feel that satisfaction….

…the universe goes on and on and we are all part of the great divine plan…one we do not understand… where we are not players but witnesses……when we try to put our hands in the works of the universe and try to change things we feel the that we are suffering….we feel pain, loss, failure….if we understand that we are not here to make things happen to be vessels of something greater happening, we become ultimately happier…..if something goes “wrong” it wasn’t wrong perse… it was just meant to happen that way(they rhyming was an accident but I’m going to keep it)….

…..judging people by what they appear to be is a very heavy thing….it is not easy not to do but it is heavy nonetheless….for a person whoever this person maybe, a killer, a cannibal, a beggar, a rich asshole,  a regular asshole….. there are events mysterious to an onlooker to have that person become the person he/she is now…..if we were to understand this person to the minute detail…to the cell….to every little piece of event that has happened in his/her life, we just might understand the universe…..

And lastly because I have to get to class in a few, I will mention a couple of facts he spoke about.

93% of all human communications are nonverbal. We communicate via gestures, via clothes we wear, via voice pitch, via eyes…..only 7% of human communication is verbal. Next time you tell your lovers you love them, realize you’ve only told them with 7%.

The term Namaste translates to something like, “I bow to the divine soul within you.”  That is such a beautiful concept, don’t you think? We barely acknowledge each other as people let alone divine souls to bow to. The proper way to do it is, you put your closed hands on your chest, the chakra, the heart that is the most powerful spiritual center and you close your eyes and bow from the waist.  I tried it in the mirror. It was like a caffeine rush.





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