Momma dear 

It’s like whips
The way it hits
A crackle of disappointment.
Momma said, ‘endure the lashes
Because then
You’ll never make that mistake again.’

It’s like whips
the way it hits
This bitter twist in circumstance.
It’s like her wails
The way it hails
The echoing as my dream dies.

Momma dear I have taken pain
The sticks, the stones,
The whips, the words
Momma dear, I know the pain
Of love and loss and failure too
I’ve stood my ground
I remain true.

Momma dear I’ve bled away
My darn good faith kills me today
Momma dear I’ve sweat away
My darn sunshine burns me today

I know the pain
In piles of ash
Here I remain
Dare I get up and try again?


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